Sunday, February 13, 2011

Is this God's will appearing on my e-mail?

My pastor told us last night in Saturday Service that God can use any form of external confirmations to show you his will for your life.  It's only one layer of four but such a powerful one because anything around us (people, signs, mail, etc.) can be used for God to communicate with us.  He also said if we talk with God, he will talk back to us.  God's will for us is laid out already for us, we just have to believe in him and be open to receive what is in store for us.

With that being said, on Friday, I received an e-mail from a staffing agency, offering me to review a job opportunity with a non-profit company in the area.  At first I was wondering, how did they get my e-mail, especially my work e-mail.  I don't remember signing up for a staffing agency or any job/temp agency.  Secondly, who gave them my information or did they research all of the non-profits in the area that had similar job that would fit this position.  But through all of this analyzing I did in my head, I proceeded to read the information that was presented to me.

The job is for a newly created Member Relations Manager for a non-profit regulatory society.  The description of the job is definitely in line with what I currently do at my job, but you have a few more responsibilities and a opportunity to connect with international companies.  I check the legitimacy of both the staffing agency and the non-profit society and they are both are legitimate and fully operational companies.

So now here is my dilemma...should I stay at my current job or should I go?  This has been something I've been toiling with for the past year and figured after the summer travel season, I would dedicate myself to searching for another job opportunity.  Right now doesn't seem the ideal time for another position but at this point, I need to look out for myself and not so much for the job because they will still go on even after I'm gone.  I care too much for my current job that I stress too much for my current job.  But I don't want to pass up something that could be an excellent that would help me grow in my career goals.

Just to give you a little background about my goals when I moved to the area in 2007, I said that I would like to be in my current position for 3-5 years so I can establish myself to the area and figure out where I want to go and what opportunities are out there.  Also I wanted to finish my Master's Degree, which has been a road block because of the balance of work and the demands of work (travel and time).  I want to be able to network with other professionals in the DC area for one to build myself up as a young professional in the area and two to step my game up in keeping myself in the know in the job trends and what I need to do to align myself to advance my career.  And in 5 years, if my relationship status doesn't change, I would like to own my own home.

So with all of this being said in this long blog, I am going to take this to prayer with God.  His will is out there for me to seek and only he can give me his plan for me.  If this is where he wants me to go, then I have some planning and laying out to do.  I definitely don't want to let a great opportunity pass me because of my reluctance to step out on faith and make myself better. 

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