Thursday, August 19, 2010


I just have to share my disgust today for the little virus that has invaded my body and made me sick. My throat is scratchy and my tonsils feel ashy. I sound like a dude, or as my co-worker put it, "you sound like Tone Loc!" So far I have a mixture of things in my immediate view. Cheratussin for cough, Amoxicillian for any infections, cough drops and a shot of tequila every once and a while :)!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Oh I forgot

So what I failed to mention is that I've sort of started talking to a guy I met about 2 months ago. It's "sort of" because we have started on the wrong foot when we began talking. He's a great person but I know that there are some things that he's not telling me or cares to share. Maybe it's too early but then again, it's never too early to say the important things that are in your life. Anyways, we will see how this goes and I already see we might just be enjoying each other's company and that's it.

Ok, now I'm going to bed for real.
Hey ya'll (in my southern Paula Deen drawl),

I missed writing on my blog and hopefully I will devote some more time to it. Here's what has been going on with me since the last time I was here.

1. I went on vacation with my family to Jamaica and the Cayman Islands. It was so nice to get away from DC for a week and relax. I will say that I wasn't too impressed with Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Not to say that it's not a great place but touring the island, you see all of the poverty and people working hard to care for their family. It made it to the point where there are serious hustlers just trying to make a living. Maybe I will visit another area of Jamaica.

2. I was in New Orleans with my job for 11 days. ELEVEN DAYS!!!! And I didn't even enjoy it. It's hard working and being a tourist when you don't have the time to even get to see the sights. The trip really worked me to the bone and has me doing a lot of thinking. I can't say what the future has for me but I know that I can't become complacent. Eventually it will be time to move on to something different.

3. As soon as I got back from NOLA, I went to "home" for my family reunion. It was great to see so many family members and meet new ones. But I will tell you, who ever planned it sure has a small town mind. I am not saying it has to be an extravagant affair but so much more could have been done. That is why I asked to be on the committee for the next reunion. We can do so much, not just for the family reunion but those of us who live in various areas around the country.

4. And lastly I'm sick!! :( I was out of work today with a sore throat, swollen tonsils (they felt like they were going to jump out), a terrible cough and congestion. I've been taking nasty cheritussin and amoxicillin (just in case it might be strep). And I snuck in a little tequila and some of the swelling went down. I might go back tomorrow but I am going to make a sick call to the doctor.

Anyways that's enough of my boring life so far. Going forward, I am going to try to think of positive topics for my blog cause it doesn't have to be negative. I am a positive person so we should keep it like that.

Until next time....