Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lazy Day

I love the days when I can just chill on my couch all day long, watch TV, nap and do absolutely nothing. No phones, no e-mails, no faxes or any other thing that gets on your nerves Monday through Friday. Unfortunately this is the only day that it can happen because Sundays are full of church, games and getting ready for Monday. So if you have a chance to have one of them days, even if it's a Mental Health Day, take it and enjoy it. We all deserve a lazy day.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

My epiphany for the day

Well I just came to the conclusion that if I want to do something, then I need to move!! Not move in the sense of packing up my apartment and relocating, but move in taking the time to do whatever it needs to be done to make things happen.

I'm tired of being single so I need to go out and meet people. Stop mopping around my house.

I would like a new position. Get my resume together and send it out.

Get my finances under control. That means work on my budget and control my spending.

I want to be healthy. That means get to the gym and stop eating so much take out.

I think that's everything but I know my list will grow!

Remember, faith without works is dead!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Oh hell no

My neighbors above me have to go!!!!! This heavy stomping is riduculous, opening the sliding door every five minutes is annoying and the bowling of bodies on the floor is just unnerving. Okay I just had to let that out...GOOD NIGHT!!

Halfway through January

Hey ya'll.....

So today is January 17, 2011, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and a little over halfway through the month of January. So far, 2011 has been a great year, doing things that I want to do and working on the things I need for me.

One thing that I want to work on is the time that I go to bed. Normally my bedtime has been 11pm or later and that makes one groggy b**** in the morning. So we are going to take baby steps. I'm going to work on getting to bed at 10pm.

Next thing is returning phone calls. I am getting so bad at that and really the only time I've been answering the phone is when it's family or close friends calling. So even if it's someone I'm not really conversing with on a regular, I will make an effort to call them or at least answer the phone.

Third, I have made a pact with my friends that we need to hit happy hour at least once a month and that we go somewhere different. How are we going to find men and potential dates if we don't get out there. Soooooooo our first meetup is on Valentine's Day.

Okay that's all so far. I will post a picture that I took with Aaron Gilchrist from NBC 4 News (he started at NBC 12 in Richmond, my hometown). He's such a looker and I am glad that I got a chance to meet him.

Anyways deuces!

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Thank God we have made it to 2011. This past year (2010) has had it shares of ups and downs with me. I brought the New Years in with some great friends that are the best (see my friend Terrance in the picture with me).

I know that 2011 has so much in store for me and I am opening myself to receive it. I hope to grow, to love, to be open and to be closed...but most of all to continue to build my relationship and walk with Christ.

Much love to everyone...and enjoy life, it's a celebration!