Tuesday, December 29, 2009

...It's been a long time, shouldn't have left you...

Well again it's been months since I typed my last blog. I feel like I have created it only to neglect it. LOL!! All of that is about to change.

So 2010 is upon us and I am so ready of 2009 to go away. Too many people have died, things have been avoid and pushed to the side and some crazy experiences. Since I don't make resolutions, I have created a list of things I am going to tackle in 2010. Here they go...

In 2010...

1...is going to be some positive changes. I'm about to Upgrade me, Upgrade me...put me into some Purple Lables!

2...I am going to put myself out there a little bit more and meet new people.

3...I will not be ashamed of who I am and what I have become. I can only get better from here.

4...the negative people will be deleted from my phone and their chapter will be closed in my life.

5...I am moving to another apartment...no question!

6...all of my failures and procrastinations will be my successes. Strayer 2010

7...I strive to be a better friend, daughter, sister, soror, auntie and all around good person!


9...I am going to start going out on more solo adventures. Even though I miss the company, I love the impulse of going on my own.

10...I am going to sit back, enjoy the smell of the roses and sip some wine too. Anybody got some Moscato or Riesling :)

11...I am going to continue my walk to be closer to GOD. I know there is a lot to do, but I am not going to lose faith and trust in him!

I know that I could put more into this list but this is a start and I have no where to go but up. Much love, peace and happiness into the new year!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Okay, Okay

I know, I know.....I am slacking on my blog page. Don't worry, I will be back. Mmmmwwwwwhahahahahahhah.