Thursday, September 23, 2010


So yesterday morning as I was cooking breakfast before work, I took time to thank God. Thank him for all that he has done for me, the people in my life, and things yet to come. I have to be nothing but thankful because I have been through enough that many don't know.

Living literally paycheck to paycheck, with only 5 dollars in my account until next week, yet I don't complain. Somehow God works is out that I am still on the train to work, have food to eat and pay all of my bills.

My mom was here this past weekend for her birthday and she made sure that I had food in the house, even though she is tight with her money. Thank God for a giving mother.

Majority of the time, I take public transportation to work and mainly drive my car in the evenings and the weekend. My gas is low but digging through my purse, I found a 10 dollar gas card (yeah it's not much but something) that I got at National Convention. Thank God for giving me what I need for use later.

For the past 2 years, I have been working with a company to reduce my debt for some bills I consumed over the years. I had one creditor left and the company was still in negotiations with them to settle on an firm amount to pay. Even I was suppose to have a notarized letter sent in giving the company I am working with Limited Power of Attorney to work on my behalf. I checked my account yesterday and the account was paid in full with the funds I had in their escrow account. Do you get it...PAID IN FULL!!! I am done with the program and can start my financial life over again. That's $400 a month back in my account. Thank God for extra so I won't be struggling!

I can go on and on about God's grace for me, even for the simplest things. I thank him for not letting me hit rock bottom, getting evicted, able to pay my bills on time. A thousand thank yous would not be enough for all he has, is and will do for me.

Thank God every day, not just in your grace at meal time.

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