Sunday, September 12, 2010


Today was my first day of working out. I am a bit sore but it felt so good to complete a 30 minute walk (with one rest break) and break a sweat.

Before my workout, I went to 8:00am service and it was communion Sunday. As I took the break and drank the "wine" I had an epiphany...that I need to have the courage to pray and take control of the things in my life. Courage to stand up. Courage to say no and mean it. Courage to not let my relationships bring me down, but build me up. Courage to not let my desire for someone be greater than my desire for God. I know that it is a long road for me and it's going to take me to get on my knees and pray that God will embody all of that in me and so much more.

So as I begin my workout/exercise routine, I have to remember to have courage to break out of my mold and to rise above it all!

Have courage and love yourself, but most importantly, LOVE GOD!

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