Monday, May 17, 2010

A long time again?

Well I am back after my 4+ month hiatus. So much has changed, some not, but all for the better.

First of all, I had another celebration of life in the early part of May. I turned 32 and even though it was kind of low key, I enjoyed my day.

Secondly I moved to another apartment, still in Alexandria, but away from the 2 years in El Salvador. It's bigger, the rent is higher and it's piece of mind. Plus my ex can't find me...HALLELUJAH!

Third, I am growing stronger with my church family. Alfred Street Baptist is the best. I've met so many great people and gotten involved with the Singles Ministy.

Fourth, I have fallen for someone and I don't even think he notices me. I am trying to play cool but when I am around him, my heart jumps. Hopefully he will notice me and maybe give me a try.

Anyways I am going to sleep but I will be updating more often and share more insight into my life.


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