Friday, October 9, 2009

Taking on new roles, accepting the challenge

So I am a member of the best church south of the Mason Dixon line.....Alfred Street Baptist Church in Alexandria, VA. Recently we had a New Members luncheon and during the event there were booths set up by the different ministries of the church, allowing us to see what they are about and sign up for the ones we are interested in. I figured I would join a few, as I am still getting acclomated to the church and join the ministries that I am currently involved in and not stretch myself too thin. They are: Young Adult Ministry (affectionetly known as YAM), Women's Ministry, Career Change Ministry and the Singles Ministry.

Last night was the planning meeting of the Singles Ministry. I was late because of the wonderful traffic that is unpredictable in the DC Metro Area. I walked into the packed room full of women and only 3 men. (Men, where are ya'll at!!!!!) There was a lot of talk about how this committee was revamped and all of projects that have been planned going forward. Everybody was really excited about getting this ministry moving and by that, everyone had a chance to sign up for a committee.

I signed up for the Communications Committee since it was my major in college. I figured I could help out with making a few phone calls, doing some e-mailing, you know just be an indian following the chief. We apparently that wasn't in the plan for me. Myself and another member decided to co-chair the committee which is great because two is better than one. There is one other person in the committee and together all three of us have a lot of ideas for the ministry.

In addition to Co-Chairing a committee, I am going back to school this quarter to finally finish. And the class this time......Marketing Communication!!! Go me!!! I will be in prayer that I can find balance with everything and will do everything to the best of my abilities and to finish what I have started.

Ok ya'll I'm out!!

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