Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I strongly believe that people are placed in your life by God to 1) realize love 2) realize true friendship 3) realize growth within yourself and 4) realize the negativity that you don't need in your life. All in all, whatever category that person falls under, we gain a teachable moment to apply in our daily walk. That all came to fruition when I received a card from a dear Soror who took me under her wing when I came back home and when I moved away, all I can do is return the favor.

Every time that I have a life change or I just answer a question for her, she sends me, through the mail, the nicest card with the sweetest words. It makes me happy and cry because someone thinks enough of me to send me something truly from her heart. And I try to figure out what to get her, but for her, the only thing she will accept is a thank you.

I appreciate her and love her like she was an older cousin that always looked out for us.

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